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Jane Cabrera      From:   Jane Cabrera

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      Subject:  What Every Parent of Teenagers Must Know!

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Dear Parent,

Is life with your teenager a daily frustration?  Do you feel like you wake up every morning dreading the torment that awaits you? Have you done everything to try to connect and communicate with your teen only to find yourself in the same old fights and power struggles?  Are you exhausted from endless and mindless arguing over almost everything?

When you communicate, does your teen respond with:

  •  That tone that makes you feel completely disrespected
  •  That "know it all" attitude that absolutely drives you crazy
  •  Yelling and fighting that leaves you hurt and exhausted day after day
  •  Continuing to text, surf facebook, or play video games when you are trying to connect
  •  Constant bickering and arguing that just never ends
  •  Passive resistance  ("In a minute Mom") that leaves you feeling stuck and helpless
  •  Completely ignoring you like you don't even exist
  •  And other annoying or upsetting behaviors  

When you reach out for more information, do you find all of the solutions point to either drugging your kids or scaring them through boot camp experiences? I don't know about you, but these  "solutions" seem to do more harm than good.  I simply want the tools to be more capable and effective as a parent.

I am Jane Cabrera, and I have teens of my own. I know how emotionally draining it can be when relations in the family are strained.  Even though you want to handle things better, the emotion of the moment can take over.  I have said things I later regretted, and then spent countless hours trying to make up for it.  

Over much time and self reflection,  I found that as  I looked within and understood my own  fears and motivations, I was able to communicate with my family in a much more effective way.

I Took Baby Steps, Starting With Something Small

As a wife and a Mom with two children, a home, and a full time career, I put so much effort into juggling it all.   I spent quality time with my children and husband attending to all of their needs.
I really thought I was doing everything I was supposed to do.  

That’s why I couldn’t understand why there was so much conflict.  

I was seeking solutions and considered various books and programs.  All of the "Send Your Kids Off and Get Them Fixed" solutions just didn't make sense to me.  I felt that as the parent, I wanted to provide  guidance and wisdom for my family.  But I really didn't know how.  I grew up in a solid home, and my parents were great role models, but quite frankly much of the communication and parenting skills that I had picked up from my own childhood  were just not effective for raising my family in today's world. 

It always felt like someone or something else had most of the control.  You know, " If the economy was better, we wouldn't be so stressed, and then we could enjoy more family time", or  "If my son was only more motivated, I wouldn't have to push him to get his work done", and things like that.

As I continued to look for answers, I found that there were lots of books and programs with great ideas that helped a little, but I was really looking for more fundamental change, not just a few quick  tips.  I came across a course that really had a profound impact on me and completely changed the way I was looking at things. You see, I had been focusing on everything and everyone around me, and thinking that when they started acting better, everything would fall into place.

I started changing my focus and rather than looking outside of myself, I started to look within. When I did that, I learned that MY behaviors, attitudes and tone of voice were CONTRIBUTING to  most of the problems that I was complaining about.  When I first realized this, I felt guilty, embarrassed, and a little stupid.  These feelings really made it hard to move forward.

It also was really difficult for me to grasp how much influence I actually had on my family and overall circumstances.  I was feeling skeptical that I could change things just by my behavior alone.  But there was nothing to lose, so I gave it a try. 

 I was having a problem with getting my son to do homework.  You see, education has always been really important to me, and I really wanted my kids to put everything into their education. My son  would put off homework and school projects until the last minute.  It was driving me crazy.  I complained about it a lot.  I talked with him about it a lot.

But it never changed.

When I started observing my own behavior and motives, I realized that education was important to ME.  So when he left something unitl the last minute, I would jump in and "help" by giving him lots of attention and assistance until he (we)  got everything done.  He really enjoyed my attention and the work was a lot easier with my assistance.   

So MY Behavior was actually ENCOURAGING Him to PROCRASTINATE  

I decided to change my behavior, to see what would happen.  The next time he waited until the last minute, I resisted the urge to rescue him and "help".  This was very hard for me to do.  I felt very uncomfortable.  I second guessed myself.  And he was very angry and reactive . It wasn't pretty the first time, or the second.

But in a few short weeks, I had broken the habit of rescuing him at the last minute.  And guess what?  He started doing his work on time.  

At first I was embarrassed to realize that I was encouraging the behavior that I was complaining about.  But I was also excited to realize that I had the power to change our conditions.  

The Way You Imagine It, Can be Real

You may have more serious issues going on in your family than homework.  I know I did.  
You may not have the confidence in the beginning to take on the bigger stuff. The good news is, one success will give you the power to take on other issues.

Imagine being able to:

  •  Make small changes in your own behaviors that get massive results
  •  Communicate with clarity, determination and love
  •  Restore family harmony in hours
  •  Guide your child with confidence 
  •  Empower yourself and your teen to healthy expression
  •  Feel respected and sought out for your parental wisdom 
  •  And...

IMAGINE you finally are able to relate to your family in a whole new way.  You can be the mother or father that you always dreamed of being.  You can have the wisdom to understand your child's behavior.  Rather than being reactive to your child, you can  respond with love and compassion.  

How Would You Like it To Be Faster and Easier than You Expect?

It can be - because the solution is a simple step by step that is proven to bring you the RESULTS you need NOW!

RESULTS such as....

  •  A new perspective on misbehavior that empowers YOU to respond effectively
  •  More respectful and loving responses from your family
  • Family cooperation and harmony 
  • Requests for your insight and wisdom
  • Freedom to be your true self with your family  

Your Family IS Worth It!

Over the next few years I spent thousands of dollars  learning advanced techniques to make transformation faster and easier to understand and implement.

You may have already seen that  financial and economic concerns are adding stress to your  fragile family dynamics. This is making it even harder for you to connect.

That's why I recorded the "Parents Guide To Thriving Through The Teen Years".  

I wanted to be able to share my proven steps and to make it available to you in a format that you can easily adapt to your schedule.  

In fact, with the "Parent's Guide to Thriving Through The Teen Years", you could be enjoying the results as fast as today.

Parents Guide to Thriving Through The Teen Years 4

AT Last - You Can Have The Family Life That You Have Dreamed Of

Here's How....


Parent's Guide to Thriving Through The Teen Years includes a workbook plus 6 audio downloads follows:
Parents Guide to Thriving Through The Teen Years
"Inside The Teen Mind"

Explore recent studies in brain development to help you understand your teen.  You will gain a whole new perspective on mood swings, forgetfulness, risky behavior and peer interaction.

"Understanding the Four Types of Misbehavior"

Learn the emotional needs and how teens will misbehave to meet these needs.  Understand the different types of misbehavior, so you can respond with wisdom and compassion.

"Power Struggles - Dynamics and Strategies"

You will be able to recognize a power struggle, learn four specific  ways to get out of a power struggle, and three ways to prevent them from happening in the first place.

"Revenge - Breaking The Cycle"

If your teen blames you for everything, and is hurtful and angry, you may be engaged in a revenge cycle. You will learn to recognize revenge, learn how it becomes a cycle, and how to break the cycle.

"Boundaries - The Limits of Love"

One of the most difficult things is knowing what your boundaries are to begin with.  Develop clarity and learn to set  and enforce boundaries with love and confidence.

"Teen Life - School, Sports, College, Social Life"

Despite the reputation teens have in the media, many of our teens care deeply about their families, futures, and communities.  We will explore life from our teen's perspective, and give you some insights to guide them in the right direction.

It's easy to listen to - on your iphone, in your car, on your computer.

Plus, I've included  an easy to follow guide and workbook - so you can take notes as you listen, track your progress, and note the areas that you would like additional help with.
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Video:  "The Loving Guidance Technique"

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Check out what these recent listeners had to say about the "Parents Guide to Thriving Through The Teen Years"...

"...Great information!  Thank you so much for your tips.  I will implement immediately!"     
                                                                                                                    Anne M.

Wow!  What a great intro to a very personal and deep issue.  I am grateful for your work.  It is very timely and I only wish it could be more broadly received as it opens up an untouched need for the average person like myself.  

Thank You!                                                                                                 David S.


Here Are Some Questions You Might Have

"I have a lot of power struggles with my teen, but aren't teens just naturally combative?  Don't we just have to wait for the teen years to pass for the relationship to improve?"

Teens have a bad reputation in the media for being lazy and argumentative.  But most teens really care deeply about their families, futures and communities.  If your relationship is strained, certain behaviors have become habits.  What most people call "Power Struggles" are really "Revenge Cycles".  Understanding the difference, and the different approaches to each, can be a powerful way for your to improve your relationship right now.  And no, you don't have to wait, your teen  wants and needs your love and guidance right now.  

"My child is pretty stubborn.  How can this work if only I am getting the message?"  

As the parent, you have much more influence than you realize.  When you learn about behavior dynamics, you will realize that your child responds to you.  As you learn new ways to approach the relationship, you will notice that your child will naturally respond differently.  You can open up communication much more quickly and easily than you think.

"I work and don't have a lot of free time"

That's why I decided to offer the Parent's Guide to Thriving Through the Teen Years in an audio format.  You can download to the audio to listen at your lunch break, or while driving.  You can get the information at a time that is convenient to your busy schedule, and have the freedom to listen again and again when you need a reminder or some extra encouragement.

Those are great questions, and you may even still be hesitant about whether this is a good choice for you. So let me help you right now by reminding you that you have nothing to risk, nothing to lose, you have my 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Your Family IS Worth IT! 

You Can Have it


All for Only $47



Here's to YOUR Harmonious Life,

Jane Cabrera
The Parent Success Coach

PS - Every audio gives real life examples of how people like you have used the strategies to improve their family dynamics..

PPS - Remember you have my iron-clad 100% Money back, no questions asked guarantee.  The only risk you have is whether you will spend the time improving your parenting skills, because that is the only reason this won't work for you...

PPPS - This is the same information and strategies that I used with my family, and our children's teen years have been (and continue to be) an absolute joy...  

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